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Here it is… August 18, 2010

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So apparently the Sem Wife took a little summer hiatus!  It wasn’t planned that way-on the contrary I actually thought that summer break would give me *more* time to blog and share.  But we’ve been in constant motion which equals no time to blog.  Oh!  And there’s the part where I wasn’t sure that I was going to be a Seminary Wife any longer…say what?!?!  Keep reading…

A large chunk of the summer was spent discerning and sorting out exactly what His plans are for Jason, us and ministry.  My knees are sore from this process-for real.  And just when we thought we had everything sorted out, we’ve been thrown yet another curve ball in the past 2 days.  No worries-it’s just satan at work because he knows a good thing when he sees it.  There are so many details to this story that I could post about it for days on end, but it’s really not *that* important.  The important thing is that Jason is still staying at WTS for school which still leaves me as the Seminary Wife and I’m looking forward to another year of sharing that process with people!

So that brings me to the really fast version of the “Here It Is” part.  While Jason is staying at WTS for school, it’s not coming without some really big changes for our family.  In the discernment process, it was made crystal clear to us that we are to leave our current home and move to the most urban part of this community to be amongst His people.  We are to pray with them, pray for them, love on them and serve them with hope that we build solid relationships with these people and break the chains that bind them.  I can’t even begin to tell you the emotions that surround this call!  While we are crazy excited in the next breath we’re crazy overwhelmed by what it means and takes to launch a ministry from the ground up- kind of like having a baby.  It’s a very humbling process that we have felt so guided on-knowing for sure that we’re following His will.  A-MAZ-ING!  We move in SIX days and I have not a single thing packed.  And I’m suprisingly okay with it!  It’s only four blocks after all.

I will be sharing the details of The STEPS (Sharing Truth & Embracing People in Shalom)-Urban Missions very soon, but for now the family (okay mostly the littlest!) is calling!

With grace and glory

The Sem Wife