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Misconceptions September 8, 2010

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1. WIC benefits do not pay for anything but your WIC issued shopping list which includes very select items (very few of which are food allergy friendly) and most definitely doesn’t include diapers.

2. Being monetaryily challenged, receiving WIC benefits, being covered by Medicaid and/or receiving food stamps does not equate laziness or stupidity.

3.  Being supported by “the system” is not a free ride or a pass on easy street.

4. Being a Bridge Card and/or Medicaid health plan card holder does not make you a system abuser.

5. Using food stamps does not mean that you eat crap and/or feed your family crap food.

6. Being without a home does not make you a threat to society.

This is a short (very short) list of the misconceptions that we have encountered since living life on ‘the other side’.  My hubby left an incredibly well paying job/career with benefits 2nd only to teachers and a great retirement package to follow this call simply because God said it is what we were to do.  I can’t think of any better reason to do something that completely defies logic.  In addition to leaving the standard American security blanket behind, we are taking on a sufficating amount of student loan debt because in order to pursue obtaining this education, there really isn’t any other way (no seriously, there isn’t.  we’ve looked 10,000 times over. and yes we recognize the whole ‘owe no man nothing’-it’s even something that we strive for-however the reality of our current situation is that we will just have to ‘owe some man’ student loans and continue to strive toward ‘owing nothing’ in every other area-which we’re doing successfully.  we are still taking applications for rich uncles, however).  Even with the crazy amount of student loans, there is a HUGE gap in what it takes to sustain a family of 5.  First and foremost, this is where faith comes in.  You can ask most anyone that asks us “so how do you live?” what our response to that question is and it’ll always be the same: we PRAY. FERVENTLY.  The really cool thing about fervent prayer is that when you’re praying for provision, it’s a black or white issue.  Either God comes through with dinero (or other means of providing i.e. food stamps, medicaid, unexpected checks/cash in the mail (and yes that really does happen too, but that’s a whole nother blog!) )or you sink-hard.  And because there’s no grey area, it’s eye opening to people who maybe aren’t so open with letting God take the wheel and drive wherever He wants to go.

So I feel like that as A LOT of rambling to say that we have experienced and witnessed a load of misconceptions in a year of living on the other side.  And while it seems crazy to say it, I’m actually looking forward to seeing what other myths we can dispell.  I don’t like having to utilize the system, but man am I thankful for it.


2 Responses to “Misconceptions”

  1. drew Says:

    Very, very insightful and intriguing thoughts as always.
    I enjoy reading your blog and this one is especially good.

    I can understand what you’re saying about the “free ride” thing because there are a lot of people (at one time, myself included) that feel that way about WIC, Medicaid, Bridge Cards, etc… But when we were raising Alexis… that Bridge Card sure came in handy for her school supplies and clothes.

    It’s refreshing to see what God is doing in your lives and I know He is moving mountains for you. While I’m sure it’s tough and hasn’t been easy, as you mentioned… prayer is definitely the answer.

    It’s honestly one area that we’ve struggled with and I appreciate your candor here because it’s made me want it more now. It’s one area that we’ve been lacking… and for whatever reason, I’ve let it slip away from who we are as a couple and who we are as Christians, living for Him. So… thank you.

    I can’t 100% relate to the situation you’re in, but Katie and I both know all too well the pain of student loans and living with debt. It’s great to see that God is providing in ways that you probably never thought of.

    It’s hard, but I know Jason is on the right path and God will use you both to lead your family in the right direction.

    Blessings to you guys. It’s seriously been too long since we’ve seen you. We should really try to get together soon.

  2. Says:

    YES!!!!!!! A thousand times over. I’m with you…..God provides (sometimes not more than our manna, but he provides!) 🙂

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