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Easy Like Sunday Morning September 26, 2010

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So I’m totally certain that Lionel Richie was talking about me trying to get our kids ready for church any given week.  Now that school is back in session and J has stuff to do at church on Sunday mornings again, I dread them coming.  No seriously.  I really don’t look forward to going to church.  Not just our church.  But ANY church.  It took awhile last year for me to accept that I was walking in a season of seeking God outside of corporate worship, but I finally came to terms with it.  Apparently this morning, I totally forgot that.  Again.  So I’m back to figuring out praying through what Sunday mornings are going to look like for us this year.  Holy Spirit:  LAY IT ON ME!

The ‘easy’ solution would be to find a church for me and the kids to go to that has nursery for X and age appropriate programing for the girls during a service sometime around 10:30…okay maybe 11 is more realistic!  But easy doesn’t feel right.  Looking for Jesus outside the ‘church’ box is what feels right.  Probably not a huge surprise if you’ve read this blog for any amount of time!  Will it be prayer walks/runs with the kids?  Coffee at LJ’s to see who’s there when most of the rest of our city is at service?  Worship music on the front porch with coffee should anyone decide to join me and my silly kids?  What would Jesus look like to you if you weren’t in a pew on Sunday?  Where might you encounter the Holy Spirit in ways you never thought imaginable?  Discuss!

–The Sem Wife


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