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Who is The Seminary Wife? March 9, 2010

I’m really just me, but if that’s not enough info…

I’m a stay at home mom of 2 daughters and a son who range in age from infant to preschool.  We relocated to Holland, MI for my husband to return to school as a full time seminary student and embrace a life that, though we are passionately called to it, nothing could prepare us for all that it is!

I’m secretly passionate about real, relational God, my husband, my kids, teaching my babies to know and love real, relational God, boundaries, intercessory and healing prayer, being the new face of food stamps and medicaid, food allergies, cooking real food and home schooling, home birthing, homesteading and baby wearing in a not-quite-so-crunchy way (okay. maybe not so secretly with some of these things!)

I’m a closet writer who’s just hoping to steal a few extra moments every week to share some part of my passions with my readers!


2 Responses to “Who is The Seminary Wife?”

  1. Jenn-Erin Says:

    This has been encouraging to read over the last few weeks. I am here at MBI in Chicago, relocated from Berrien County, Michigan. It has been a change and a challenge to be the sole income in the household while my husband is attening undergraduate biblical studies in Pastoral Training. We have been out of our norm for long enough, we don’t really have a place to call home. But we know that our we will get to our home some day with our Father. Thank you for sharing!!!

    • eguthaus Says:

      SO glad this has been a source of encouragement to you! It was my sole purpose in following God’s prompting to write and share what I was experiencing. He also encouraged me to take a break from writing and sharing at the end of 2010, but things are about to kick back up into full swing so make sure you keep checking in or subscribe to the blog! Hope and Grace!!

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