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Misconceptions September 8, 2010

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1. WIC benefits do not pay for anything but your WIC issued shopping list which includes very select items (very few of which are food allergy friendly) and most definitely doesn’t include diapers.

2. Being monetaryily challenged, receiving WIC benefits, being covered by Medicaid and/or receiving food stamps does not equate laziness or stupidity.

3.  Being supported by “the system” is not a free ride or a pass on easy street.

4. Being a Bridge Card and/or Medicaid health plan card holder does not make you a system abuser.

5. Using food stamps does not mean that you eat crap and/or feed your family crap food.

6. Being without a home does not make you a threat to society.

This is a short (very short) list of the misconceptions that we have encountered since living life on ‘the other side’.  My hubby left an incredibly well paying job/career with benefits 2nd only to teachers and a great retirement package to follow this call simply because God said it is what we were to do.  I can’t think of any better reason to do something that completely defies logic.  In addition to leaving the standard American security blanket behind, we are taking on a sufficating amount of student loan debt because in order to pursue obtaining this education, there really isn’t any other way (no seriously, there isn’t.  we’ve looked 10,000 times over. and yes we recognize the whole ‘owe no man nothing’-it’s even something that we strive for-however the reality of our current situation is that we will just have to ‘owe some man’ student loans and continue to strive toward ‘owing nothing’ in every other area-which we’re doing successfully.  we are still taking applications for rich uncles, however).  Even with the crazy amount of student loans, there is a HUGE gap in what it takes to sustain a family of 5.  First and foremost, this is where faith comes in.  You can ask most anyone that asks us “so how do you live?” what our response to that question is and it’ll always be the same: we PRAY. FERVENTLY.  The really cool thing about fervent prayer is that when you’re praying for provision, it’s a black or white issue.  Either God comes through with dinero (or other means of providing i.e. food stamps, medicaid, unexpected checks/cash in the mail (and yes that really does happen too, but that’s a whole nother blog!) )or you sink-hard.  And because there’s no grey area, it’s eye opening to people who maybe aren’t so open with letting God take the wheel and drive wherever He wants to go.

So I feel like that as A LOT of rambling to say that we have experienced and witnessed a load of misconceptions in a year of living on the other side.  And while it seems crazy to say it, I’m actually looking forward to seeing what other myths we can dispell.  I don’t like having to utilize the system, but man am I thankful for it.


Blueberry Granita May 26, 2010

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Whatcha Need:

1c blueberries

1.5 c unsweetened pineapple juice

.5 c sugar

.25 c water

Whatcha Need to Do:

Combine water and sugar in a small saucepan over medium heat until the sugar dissolves.  Set aside to cool.  While the syrup is cooling, puree blueberries in a blender or food processor.  Add in juice and whaz to combine.  Add in cooled syrup and give a quick whaz one more time.  Pour mixture into a shallow metal pan and put it in the freezer.  Stir every 15ish minutes with a fork until frozen completely and slushie.


Sub 1 c of hulled strawberries, pureed for the blueberries


30 Days?

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I’ve come to realize that I have an unhealthy relationship with my body image.  Being 6 months post partum from baby #3 and feeling deflated and flabby probably doesn’t help, but this has really been a long time issue.  When my oldest was about one, I remember committing to myself that I never wanted to be a ‘fat’ mom for my kids.  That’s lurked in my head always, but the funny thing is that I now realize how much I should have committed to being a ‘healthy example’ for my kids instead.  The only thing that avoiding ‘fattness’ has done for me is drive me on a speed boat into an even more unhealthy relationship with food which we all know the obvious consequences of.   Throw in stress and I’m an even worse train wreck!

In an attempt to rectify this turbulent cycle, I’ve made an attempt at running which my knee hated.  Quite the bummer, but I am determined to be successful with this!  So on the treadmill today I made a new commitment as I was in prayer with He who is the Ultimate Trainer.  I’m staying off the scale for 30 days and putting in 30 minutes of rigorous activity everyday, no matter what.  I’d love for others to join in on the commitment too!  Living healthier 30 minutes at a time?  I think know I can do this!


The Sem Wife


Peace & Harmony May 25, 2010

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Awhile ago, we put the destiny of our family in His hands.  I’m not saying that we’re all Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, but we trust that He knows much better than we do when and when not to grow and bless our family.

No, I’m NOT pregnant.

BUT!!  Today has been one of those days where I’m feeling as though my ‘quiver is full’ (see Psalm 127!).  Today has been one of those days where I have no idea how Someone would trust me with one more of His children because the 3 I have might just be more than I can handle!  Today has been one of those days where my oldest and boldest and spun us around, yet again, and left us with hand raised crying out “Lord!  Jesus!!  Please step in and HELP US”

And then I realize, maybe, just maybe is that the point?  Maybe does He throw me on my head spinning so that I will stand up and seek Him more?  I have come to learn that He has an AMAZING sense of humor that goes with His crazy logic!  However, whatever the punch line and  whatever the reasoning, He is the one that I always *get*.

Please pray with me to restore peace and harmony to the heartbeat of our home.  It’s exhausting to be a momma spinning on her head–I can handle the spinning (it keeps me on my toes!), I just need to be right side UP!


Quickie Pasta Salad May 24, 2010

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Whatcha Need:

1 box whole wheat rotini, cooked to al dente

2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts seasoned to taste, grilled and chopped

about 1 cup of your fav italian dressing

2 roma tomatoes, chopped

about 3/4 cup fresh mozzarella pieces

Whatcha gotta do:

Toss all the ingredients together.  Serve room temp or chilled.  Yup, that’s really it!  I don’t call it my quickie pasta salad for nothing!


Substitute 1 container of pesto (about a cup) for the italian dressing and omit the mozzarella.


Little words April 27, 2010

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I just sat down to write this really great post with all these cool deep and intertwining thoughts that crisscrossed with scripture and word meanings.  It was gonna be awesome!  But now it’s archived for another day, because all that really needs to be said today is this

Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.  Psalm 90:12

I was challenged recently to stop trying to hide my heart from God because He knows it.  He knows it’s wants, it’s desires, it’s hopes, it’s hurts, it’s worries.  Today I’m praying for the wisdom and words to communicate those in the right places, in the right ways.  Places and ways that are full of the wisdom needed to live an exegetical life where I see and feel and share the favor of the Lord my God resting upon me and those I encounter; establishing the work of my hands for me.  Yes, please, establish the work of my hands…


He Is April 13, 2010

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It’s been awhile since my last post.  Making time to blog while you’re elbow deep in boogers times 3 was, obviously, no easy task.  However, while time has been less than abundant the thoughts that feed the blog are a different story!

As a whole, the dominating emotion as of late has been ‘frustration’.   At least twice a day in our conversations, hubby and I find ourselves expressing frustration toward one thing or another…not receiving an important phone call as expected, lack of napping by the kiddos, lack of time for one another, lack of understanding as to what it takes to live (financially) and survive (emotionally) this seminary life…   SO FRUSTRATING

Then last night I headed out with one of the girls and the boy at a time in the evening when I would not normally go anywhere with them.  Not because I really wanted to, but because I felt this nagging sense like I really needed to go run this errand.  As I was zoning to the radio, I quickly realized that being in the car then wasn’t about getting to the store.  It was about getting me to hear some important lyrics that have spoken to me on more than one occasion:

There’s a time to live and a time to die, there’s a time to laugh and a time to cry… He is with you when your faith is dead…There’s a time for yes and a time for no, there’s a time to be angry and a time to let it go…

Last night, it was a slap in the face when I heard “when your faith is dead”.  My faith has felt on the dead side on waaay more than one occasion during this first year of seminary.  It has been hard, too hard at times,  to a point where I have found myself questioning why on earth it is that we are here.  And then I remember that it’s not about anything, or anyone, here on earth and the sense of calm is restored.  We go on with a new sense of ‘why’ and with significantly less frustration.

On the flip side, some really amazing things are starting to come together in the most crazy, spirit led ways.  That’s the good stuff!  The good stuff like the girls loving their new gymnastics classes, or the awesome cloth diapering mama at EcoBuns, or even gaining confidence and resources to take the plunge into not-so-mainstream things like cloth diapering or homeschooling.

The confidence that has come from living a life of desperate dependence (as in we *still* have NO IDEA how we will be able to survive the next 2 + years financially, we only know that we were called to be here and are continuing to lay a foundation for something so much bigger than we can even comprehend) is crazy liberating.  Or maybe just crazy!  Either way, frustration or not, it’s good.  Very happy, lacking worry and amazingly, AMAZINGLY good.