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Partner With Us May 24, 2010

It’s really quite simple:

All mission work is a partnership. There are people God equips to go and serve, and people He equips to help with finances and prayers. We need both in order to be effective here.

We can’t continue our serving and training here without support from loving, like-minded people!

The first nine months here has felt like an introductory period allowing us to take sort of a “Stop, Look and Listen” approach to what exactly He has in store for our time here.  Now it’s time to kick it into high gear!  We need support in 2 ways: Prayer Partners and Financial Partners

Prayer Partners

These individuals are literally our lifeline!  If you are willing to commit to regularly and fervently praying with us and for us please send an email to to be set up on our update list where you will receive regular newsletters from us detailing our journey and outlining our specific needs and requests.

Financial Partners

If you are one of those whom He has equipped and called to partner with us financially, we humbly and graciously praise Him for your works!  We are working to make your partnership as easy as possible and hope to add a Paypal option soon.  However, for the time being, financial gifts may be directed to

Real Life Fellowship

96 W. 15th St.

Holland, MI 49423

Please include notation directing your gift to us.  Thank you!


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